Under play of Mindaugas Valiukas „Near“

Performance for adults

Director and Scenographer – Gintarė RADVILAVIČIŪTĖ
Composer – Aušra VAŠTAKAITĖ
Cast – Mindaugas Valiukas, Erika Mažulienė/ Rūta Bunikytė, Simas Anužis

Duration – 50 min.
Premiere – 13 01 2012

    „NEAR“ is a performance during the performance. A pair of actors tells a phantasmagorical, grotesque, erotic story of Mr. Q wife’s disappearance and search, which discovers „uneven“ and complicated relationship here and now. Through the different understanding of Mr. Q’s situation the actors move to the fateful and unexpected dénouement of their relations.

    „The stories of divorce are nearly all sad – thinks G.Radvilaviciute, director of the performance which is appreciated as intellectual, expressive, elegant and aesthetic. Separation is a very difficult art. Two kind and rather peaceful people turn into wild monsters immediately. They loose control, want to kill a partner who was beloved or at least tolerated for many years. Performance „NEAR“ is nowadays conversation about fragile human relations, about a mush which is boiling when there is no satisfaction in relationship, when beloved does not want to change anything and are satisfied with things the way they are…“

    Scenography of the performance is made only from wire and foam. Wire is a long tiny metal thread which ties the performance and abandons to a flexible movement. The puppets created from wire express a nature of the characters in the most effective way, reflect their strong emotion, and enable flexible motions. The puppets might be wrapped, crushed, murdered, scissor up, sprinkled and reproduced. Every inflection of the wire is like a deformation of the human stipulated by various happenings. The moving puppets create shadows, peculiar relations, hypnotic stories which might be extended in the imagination.

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