Author, Director – Karolina Jurkstaite
Art Director – Gintare Radvilaviciute
Composer – Ausra Vastakaite
Actors – Justina Jukonyte, Erika Mazuliene

Duration of the performance – 25 min.
Premier on 2011

    „HELLO BABY!“ is an unique and educable spectacle of rhythm, colours and forms created under Glenn Doman’s (scientist and pedagogue from USA) methodology based on advanced, non-traditional means of children education. This is an artistic meditation which stills children, stimulates their imagination, strengthens emotional relations between parents and children, and cultivates emotions and intelligence. The performance is dedicated to the smallest audience – new-borns and children till 5 years.

    Parents are the entire world for the children. It is colourful, musical, interesting or not, framed in the bedstead or TV box: everything is at the mercy of parents!

    A well known Lithuanian gynaecologist Romualdas Semeta states: „The new-borns come to the world having all the sensations and some of them are already used before their birth. This allows gathering experiences starting from the very first natal days. The children know how to count, to remember different events and to make the tasks before they start talking. They are able to appreciate colours, faces, hear and recognize voices, identify tastes. The brains of a child are working continuously by assimilating information and modelling neurotic relations which sets emotional, social and intellectual development. <…> The more a mother believes that a child is conscious of the surrounding environment in his/her early age, the more talented and intellectual he/she grows up. Those mothers who know potential of their babies are stronger emotionally.“

    The main characters are formed from black & white geometrical figures: rectangle, triangle, and circle. In the hands of actors these figures transform to the well recognized objects: sun, worm, human being, bird, and rocket. The colourful figures compose a car, a train, a dog, a cat, a giraffe and etc.

    „HELLO BABY!“ is absolutely original, innovative performance which is more based on music, sound, rhythm, contrast colours, geometric forms than traditional dramatic plot (babies are not able to follow it).

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