This performance is based on a play by one of the most famous Polish fairytale author and theatre playwright Marta Gusniowska. This author stands out among other modern playwrights due to her ability to interpret traditional plots in a unique way: by finding her own perspective or by creating an unexpected plot twist the author produces subtle and engaging stories for modern spectators and readers. The main character of M. Gusinowska play “For Goose’s sake!” – the Goose lives in sadness. She no longer sees the meaning of life, feels miserable and unloved. When a Fox gets into the hen house in search of a chicken for dinner, she offers herself to be eaten. The Fox declines, although offers to introduce the Goose to his good friend – the Wolf. Thus begins their long and interesting journey towards the meaning of life.

According to the director and visual director of “For Goose‘s sake!” Gintarė Radvilavičiūtė, in M. Gusinowska play complex topic as well as multi-layered dramaturgical material about forest creatures are presented in a simple and satirical way: „And what is meaning? Something that is meaningful to some may seem totally meaningless to others, good for some is bad for the others. I think that the person‘s meaning of life is to be happy and to enjoy life, to improve oneself, to create and to give something precious to others, although every person can find his or her meaning of life and it can be somewhere near, perhaps somewhere you least expect it to be“, – shared her thoughts G. Radvilavičiūtė.