Director, dramaturg, choreographer Birutė Banevičiūtė
Designer Medilė Šiaulytytė
Composers Rasa Dikčienė, Arnas Perkumas
Light designer Paulius Vendelis
Performed by Kęstutis Bručkus, Vytautas Kairys

Duration 40 mins

Premiere 18 September 2021

    What could be infinite, with no end in sight? Mother’s love, the beauty of nature, people’s generosity, the world itself? Something that starts over and over again, as in Lithuanian folktales without end. Like never ending explorations of the world and its reflections, that brings us joy each time experienced.
    The show was partly inspired by Lithuanian folktales without end and glove puppets. The intention, however, was to find a somewhat different angle to look at those traditionally understood concepts. The result digressed from the storylines of Lithuanian folk narratives but embraced instead the very form and shape of a circle, rondo: there is a beginning and an end, but the end is yet a new beginning of something already different. So we ask – what is endless? Infinity, universe, cosmos, or time to count which we invented a conditional system, although time itself has no beginning nor end whatsoever. Certain geometric forms, like a circle or an infinity symbol, have no endings as well. And so, traditional glove puppets were replaced with thematically relevant objects put on hands and feet. For the authors of the show it was important to find ways to talk about infinity, to highlight its certain aspects, especially for babies who perceive the world very much integrally.

    In the show, babies we’ll find a space that is respectful and open for them – they we’ll have a total freedom to decide when and if they want to join the action on stage. Any choice they make, will be valid and accepted. First and foremost, it will be a space that is safe and inspiring to explore through all their senses: hearing, seeing, touching, moving. Everytime I create for the smallest audiences, my goal is to provide children with inspirations to explore, and this is where the journey of creativity starts. As always, during the rehearsals we invited babies of the age group the show is intended to, that is our future spectators. It helped us to make sure our ideas and fantasies actually invoke in them what we wait for and expect. Sometimes our dear smallest audience suggests new ideas and decisions that later we include into the show. A Never Ending Tale is not an exception, – says Birutė Banevičiūtė.

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