The main target groups of the project are:

Secondary school students and teachers
School headmasters and administrative staff
Policy makers and experts in the field of education

The main project deliverables include:

A guideline for teachers on performing arts to promote integration at school
A video tutorial for tackling early school leaving through theatrical laboratories


The school system in many European countries is based on a judgmental approach, with teachers evaluating students’ performances on acquired knowledge. As a consequence the school rejects instead of including, and students with a “poor” performance drop out.

The aim of the OFF-Book project is to promote school inclusiveness and the mutual understanding among different cultures as a strategic aim to contribute to the prevention of early school leaving. The innovative element of the project is the introduction of education through performing arts and drama theatre in particular without applying any judgmental approach.

The project partners will organize workshops addressed to teachers and policy makers, during which both project results characteristics will be presented to the audience, explaining their aims and potential impact on educational practices to foster inclusion and mutual understanding in multicultural classes through performing arts.

The project activities will be organized in the following phases:
Phase 1 – Development of the Guidelines
Enhancing a new dialogue pattern among teachers and students
Enhancing students’ skills with special reference to soft skills
Enhancing the dialogue among students with special concern to multicultural classes in order to combat prejudices and discrimination practices
Combating early school leaving as a consequence of the shift in teachers/students relation from vertical to horizontal
Contributing to teachers’ curricula development with special reference to the role of facilitator in non-formal education environments
Improving schools’ capacity of planning, managing, implementing and evaluating new educational paths with special reference to multiculturalism favoring civil coexistence
Phase 2 – Production of Video Tutorial
This phase is dedicated to the creation of a tutorial that will show through video the practical implementation of the theatrical approach to education. It will assume the form of a “travel diary” that will encompass all the experiences performed in OFF-Book and will share the experiences of all users (students, teachers and professionals) from the organizational phase until the closing of the experience.
Phase 3 – Testing
Each of the deliverables produced will be tested in the framework of specific events addressed to the project’s target groups. The testing phase will allow the collection of relevant feedbacks from the end users in order to further improve the deliverables produced and create results that are fully consistent with needs and expectations of the end users.
Phase 4 – Training and Multiplier events

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